• Senior Living

    Solutions for Senior Living Facilities

    VisualTouch is a state-of-the-art retail and hospitality solution that enables you to expand and modernize your services so you can gain a competitive edge by adding a new feature base on your unique needs.

    Used by some of the best Senior Living communities, VisualTouch provides a seamless multi-platform solution that allows you to provide a very high quality of service to retain and attract new guests. Whether your requirements are for an enterprise system to run multiple profit centers or a simple system to operate a cafe, VisualTouch is a scale-able solution that is easy to use yet powerful for your business.

    • Fine Dining
    • Casual Dining
    • Gift Shop
    • Barber & Beauty
    • SPA Services
    • Catering
    • Special Events
    • Digital Information Board
    • Convenience
    • Family Engagement
  • Retail

    The Best Multi-Platform POS System for All Retail

    VisualTouch POS solutions are used by a wide variety of retailers. As the best multi-platform software solution available for Retail, VisualTouch is capable of running your commerce operations for convenience, apparel, specialty and a number of other retail verticals.

    Visual Touch puts critical information at your fingertips, allowing you to make informed decisions, and to keep track of real-time sales statistics and product mix reports without sacrificing security or control. With built-in Loyalty and Gift Certificates, Inventory, House Accounts and Reservations, VisualTouch provides the functionality you need as your business grows.

    Our software undergoes constant development and all updates are provided free of charge, so you never have to decide when and which updates you should purchase. Unlike many other POS solutions, your VisualTouch license together with VisualCLOUD service provides all updates free for the life of the product.

    • Convenience
    • Apparel
    • Pharmacy
    • Jewlery Store
    • Electronics
    • Shoe Stores
    • Duty Free Shops
    • Antiques & Collectibles
    • Gift Shops
    • Hardware
    • Repair Shop
    • Sports
  • Hospitality

    Fine Dining or QSR, We've Got What You Need

    Whether you operate a pub, fine dining establishment, lodging establishment or fast food restaurant, hospitality service environments are tough. Having a POS system that has an integrated kitchen production system, a house accounts module to track your customers and inventory tools to monitor food costs for your operation is critical to running a successful business. Our advanced POS technology can withstand the busiest environments, providing dependability and equipment longevity. Our roots in hospitality 30 years ago has created a POS system that is still in operation by many of the original customers. They key factor in the success fo VisualTouch POS for hospitality is that it works continuously and effectively. As one of the most robust and reliable programs available, VisualTouch allows you to concentrate on other areas of your operation.

    Our Kitchen Display System provides large format digital monitors that provide real-time data and a quick snap shot of what's on order, how long it's been on order as well as the preparation sequence and modifiers needed. VisualTouch KDS relieves kitchen anxiety and makes the production flow smoother and with less errors. Talk to us about how we can improve your efficiency up to 57% and help you grow your business.

    • Full Service Restaurant
    • Quick Service Restaurant
    • Fine Dining
    • Bakery
    • Cafe & Lounge
    • Night Club
    • Gastro Pub
    • Corporate Dining
    • Cafeterias
    • Social Clubs
    • Food trucks
    • Amusement Parks
  • Healthcare

    Solutions For Health Care Facilities

    VisualTouch understands that each Healthcare facility has unique needs. That’s why our solution encompasses a wide range of features allowing you to offer residents flexibility and control of their lifestyle options.

    VisualTouch is a state-of-the-art retail and hospitality solution that enables you to expand and modernize your services so you can gain a competitive edge. As the best Multi-Platform software solution available, VisualTouch allows you to reduce training expenses and time by allowing the same system to be used in all areas of your facility including Fine and Casual Dining, Barber and Beauty, SPA, Recreation and Gift Shops.

    VisualTouch provides you with a central system with an unlimited amount of profit centers using the same user interface which increases productivity, reduces errors and increases employee training efficiency. Some of the best Senior Living Centers in the world depend on VisualTouch to provide them with the system and tools required to maintain a high level of service for their residents.

    Talk to us about how you can benefit from a VisualTouch solution.

    • Independent Living
    • Assisted Living
    • Skilled Nursing
    • Acute Care
    • Dietary Production
    • Nutritional Analysis
    • Family Engagement
    • Self Service Systems
    • Point of Service Ordering
    • Kitchen Production System
    • Age-in-Place Services
    • Inventory Management System
  • Membership Clubs

    The Best Software Solution for Your Member Based Business

    Visual Touch provides a new dimension in efficiency with its easy-to-use integrated features and effective accountability for club members and VIP clients. Track your customers, provide statements, know what your customers buy and provide fast and efficient check out.

    For multi-faceted facilities which include accommodations, dining, rentals, and any other business that need to monitor and invoice their members and customers seamlessly, VisualTouch provides the tools you need to provide a high quality of service and continuity.

    Our House Accounts Module, which is provided free of charge and fully integrated, allows you to learn the habits of your customers, track their preferences and charge them accordingly. The availability of quick reports on item preferences by product, group or category, allow you to manage your business effectively to ensure you are offering what your customers want.

    Talk to us about how we can improve your operational efficiency, improve your bottom line and provide excellent service to your members that keep them coming back.

    • Fitness Clubs
    • Golf Clubs
    • Hair Salon
    • Nail Salon
    • Beauty & Aesthetics Services
    • Marinas
    • Social Clubs
    • Escape Rooms
    • Bowling Alleys
    • Pool Halls
    • Laser Tag
    • Driving Ranges
  • Loyalty & Gift Card

    Yes, we have a fully integrated Gift and Loyalty Module built-In

    VisualTouch POS Software has an integrated gift card and loyalty program built into the software that allows you to sell gift cards and track the loyalty of your customers at no extra cost. Unlike other loyalty programs that charge you a transaction fee for gift cards sold through a payment terminal, the VisualTouch Gift and Loyalty module is built right into the program and allows you to offers these services at no additional cost.

    This allows your store to create and run your own gift card program that can build better customer rapport through rewards and sales of gift cards. Our easy-to-use program can assign a value to points to allow your customers to cash them in for any future purchases.

    Talk to us about how we can assist your marketing efforts with our Gift and Loyalty functionality.

    • Customer Gift Cards
    • Corporate Gift Cards
    • Loyalty Program
    • Points Conversion
    • One Card System
    • Online Program Management
    • Easy Redemption
  • Grocery

    When You Need a Quick and Reliable System

    A VisualTouch Retail Management Solution provides your grocery operation with a reliable and robust system to handle a few hundred to hundreds of thousands of products. Our retail-hardened POS system, high-performance operating system, rugged cash drawers and speedy thermal printers allow you to move more shoppers through your lines while protecting your investment.

    VisualTouch, with our team of software engineers and developers can also customize and integrate our POS system with several other systems including food management, accounting and digital signage programs. VisualTouch can also integrate to your deli scales and scale/scanners at check out.

    Item Maintenance is simple yet powerful providing you the ability to make batch changes to pricing, add new items on the fly and track any changes made by your staff.

    Talk to us about how VisualTouch can provide your grocery operations with the tools you need to attract and maintain customers.

    • Full Grocery
    • Quick Grocery Convenience
    • Meat and Deli
    • Produce & Flowers
    • Prepared Foods Shops
    • Buying Clubs
    • Bakeries
    • Nutrition Stores
    • Self Service
    • Digital Signage
    • Electronic Shelf Label Program
    • Security
  • Thrift Shop

    Your Value Retail Operations Need our Solution

    Thrift Shops and Value Retailers have some very specific needs to deal with their inventory and retail sales. Evaluating goods donated, pricing them appropriately and quickly, and tracking their life cycle are important to running a successful operation.

    VisualTouch provides the functionality to do everything a thrift shop requires to run an efficient operation. From creating shelf tags, to having matrix pricing for color and size, the success of your operation requires technological advances in commerce that VisualTouch can provide.

    The ability to add items on the fly is a feature that does not exist in many software solutions. VisualTouch allows you to add items to the system as they are being sold and allows you to track those items with basic pricing information until you have the time to complete the product specifications in your back office.

    Whether you're a new shop or an expanding chain of stores, specialty retailers are expected to provide a dynamic, exciting destination and shopping environment.

    Talk to us about how VisualTouch can improve your thrift shop and value retail operations and profits.

    • Customer Account Functionality
    • Integrated Credit & Debit Card Processing
    • One package, many tools
    • Full Accounting Interface
    • Website Ordering Interface
    • Full Reporting Module
  • Hotel

    We Integrate to Hotel Systems

    While most hotel reservation systems can handle the needs of checking in and tracking their customers, many of those solutions cannot handle the hospitality requirements. VisualTouch is an industry-leading hospitality POS system that can integrate to many hotel systems such as Micros Fidelios and others, providing your operations with the best of both worlds; industry specific reservations and VisualTouch as a world class hospitality POS program.

    VisualTouch provides facility operators with the ability to offer rooms service and integrate the dining charges into the hotels main enterprise system.

    Talk to us about how VisualTocuh can provide you the functionality to run your hospitality operations and integrate into your main enterprise system.

    • Fine Dining
    • Casual Dining
    • Gift Shop
    • Bar & Nighclub
    • Concierge Services
    • Valet & Rental Services
    • Marinas
    • Reservation Integration
    • Room Service
  • Golf

    From Pro Shop to Dining to Course Management

    VisualTouch POS is perfectly suited to the multi-faceted operations of any golf course and country club. From reservations to fine dining, casual dining, pro shop retail and rentals, VisualTouch makes your operations seamless across all areas of your facility.

    VT Golf is perfectly suited to the multi-faceted operations of any size golf course and country club whether it be private or public, online live tee-time bookings and inventory management for both your food and beverage as well as pro-shop, carts and retail. Tournament management becomes seamless. Mobile ordering increases cart sales.

    VisualTouch integrates directly with VT Golf creating a fluidity between your Food and Beverage, retail and tee time management.

    • Dining Services
    • Halfway Hole
    • Pro Shop
    • Mobile Ordering
    • Online Reservations
    • Course Management
    • Rental Services
    • Corporate Dining

24/7/365 Support

The key to running a successful system for your business is having the support required to answer any questions and provide direction on how to access all the functionality that VisualTouch POS has to offer.

Operating 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, the Service and Support Center for VisualTouch provides quick resolutions to any technical or operational questions you might have.


POS Systems come in many varieties from a simple plug and play to more complex configurations.

VisualTouch provides professional installation services to ensure the least possible disruption or the fastest start up time for your business.

Our technicians are certified IT specialists that understand the best way to install your system nd get you up and running as quickly as possible

Staging & Config

VisualTouch offers a variety of technical services including staging and configuration.

We have the ability to load software, develop master hard drive images, connect and ensure all peripherals are working properly to ensure a flawless installation and quick start to using your new system.

Project Management

Integrating to payment systems, security systems, digital signage, reservations, event planning and e-commerce are just some of the development projects that Visual has been involved in over the past 30 years.

Working closely with other systems, Visual is able to integrate to make your overall information systems compatible and efficient.

We are also able to provide our API to other software developers to allow them to integrate to VisualTouch.

In-House Development

With a team of dedicated software development engineers, Visual can provide customer software development to meet your unique needs.

Our programmers are experienced in providing custom solutions from either a scope of work provided or one that we develop for you. Integrations to digital signage and security, custom functionality, branded user interfaces, self service, tagging, and custom reporting are just some of the projects that our software team has been actively engaged in.

Let us help you to find a custom solution that provides you with the operational excellence required to succeed.

30+ Years Experience

With 30 years experience in the point of sale industry, Visual Information Products can provide you with the right solution to meet your current and future needs.

We provide system architecture services bringing together a wide variety of suppliers and products to provide planning and execution that is effective and meets your budget and needs.

Creating a system that will meet your technical, operations, marketing and sales needs is what Visual does best.


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